It’s all calm now….
It’s better this way…
How do I answer the questions, when I am filled with questions?

All I need is a conversation in silence.

Could someone converse?
I do not see one.
Everyone tries it for some time,
ends with words in the end.
Only words make sense to Everyone.

All I speak is all that the world require.
Because the real I am has nothing to speak.
The real I am has nothing to speak.

All I need is a conversation in silence.

Everyone is ready with answers in future,
when my Questions are stuck in past.
Oh no! Future is the place where one can live.
But how do I bring my dead questions to future, they are dead unanswered.

Worst is the time getting haunted by dead,
Be it questions, be it the ghosts.

There are few who keep the questions aside
Both mine and theirs…
I live on them, I live on them.
Ha ha ha, Ha ha ha.
I live on them, I live on them.

Does all this makes any sense?
Who cares!!

All I need is a conversation in silence.

output of watching amadeus + my mind


Few beautiful songs..

From Kannadhasan the Great:

From M.S.Subbulakshmi amma:

From the Genius KJ Yesudas:

Experiments from Shankar Tucker:


On penance as a preparation to the Sabarimalai pilgrimage on December 17th. To know more about sabarimalai:

Listening to Harivarasanam in Sabarimalai is a wonderful experience. Swamye Saranam Ayyappa


Shawshank Redemption

Andy Dufresne: … there are places in this world that aren’t made out of stone. That there’s something inside… that they can’t get to, that they can’t touch. That’s yours.
Red: What’re you talking about?
Andy Dufresne: Hope.

End of the year..

Year end and here is my last blog for 2010. Did not pen down since September. Lots of stuff going around. Using the time to read lots of articles by Charu Nivedita, S Ramakrishnan, Prabanjan, Mahendran. Never thought I would read this much books and really happy to know there are so many good things around in Tamil literature. Personally I feel if people are made aware that these many books are there then the poor Tamil writers would not suffer as they do now.
Also bought a couple of books from outside our literature like The Book Of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa, The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky though did not start reading them yet. Adding to this We(me, Siva, Sezhiyan, Dheepack, Boobalan, Gopi, Shankar) been to a trip to kerala last week to allepey and Kuttikanam. Beautiful places, yet to work on the videos.
Last but not least missed the trip to Iceland. Vivek, Kiran and Ramanan had been to + Sigur ros live concert. There could not be a better compliment for the trip. Wish I’ll make it to Iceland some day 🙂

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year…

Screwed my trip !!

The trip I mentioned in the last post was about Iceland. Flight ticket booked, Car booked, Hostel booked. Somehow I did not feel like moving my ASS going alone, I did not make it for the trip !! I knew I am gonna feel for it. Sitting in Helsinki with my tickets back to India on June 21st. I don’t know when I will get this chance again to Iceland and this gonna reside inside me for a long time.

Few more weeks and a secret mission..

Finally after a long and big round of discussion I got to know my return dates approximately somewhere falling between June 20-22nd.

It was quite good time and a considerable long stay in Helsinki this time with 2 winter and 1 summer. A bit new group of people comparing to last time as well – adding Ramanan, Kiran, few more guys and bits and pieces of badminton games to the memory…

Also following is a secret mission before going back to India, for which I booked tickets today 🙂

Will update more on the trip later 🙂

From Narvik-Bodo –>

April 2-5, Narvik-Bodo.

Once more had a unforgettable times in Norway, not to forget the Northern lights. To see what it is visit: Infact, beyond my memories I will also have to check in same Vivek’s album since my cam screwed failing to capture the beauty.

One small car, two guys, snow filled cold earth, sunsets, 3 countries, fjords,  NORTHERN LIGHTS, burgers, hotdogs, coke, some nuts, bad on our side but funny 100 kronors, 3 hostels for 3 nights, experimenting with my tripod, it was good over all 🙂

Easter 2010

One more time to Norway, which I always felt as the land of wonders. This time its only me and Vivek, just two of us.  Negotiating my return plans with office, this might be my last trip to Norway at least for this year. Getting packed with Sony HDR SR11 which I bought for the last trip to Nordkapp but failed to use it due to some silly technical issues. Hopefully in this trip I will be able to take home the bits and pieces from the glorious fjords.

Here goes the plan: Helsinki-Oulu-Narvik-Bodo-Oulu-Helsinki, Crossing plain lands, Fjords, Glaciers,.. 🙂


Forgot to write anything over hear for sometime….

Well there was no surprises…still discussions ongoing which would determine how long I would stay in Helsinki …

Few things that I could remember in this break are

-> Me and Vivek watching Avatar 4 times and each time I was walking through different paths of the movie. Really loved it.

-> Playing around with my Sony HDR clips and slowly getting interested with playing around those

-> The long winter is  fading away and Sun walks out for a long time these days

-> Getting busy with work these days more than before

-> Watched some good movies as well downloading

-> Lots of time-killing discussions with Ramanan though could not recall any specific or useful topics 🙂

-> Missed again a marriage of one of my cousin and as usual checked the moments winzipped !!

-> Tried some new foods with Vivek and Edyta

Well thats for now !!